Studio A

Built in the 1970’s, this large control room is a hidden gem for artists and producers. Centered around a classic Neve 8128 console with a wide range of vintage analogue outboard. Equipped with Pro Tools HD and Tannoy DMT15 monitoring.

Studio A Control Room

Studio A Live Room

Studio A Live Room

Memphis Tracking.JPG

The Memphis Room

The Memphis Room, so called after it was designed and built by Elvis Presley’s keyboard player. The large control room is accompanied by a fully wood finished 800 sq ft live room. A rare and luxurious environment in modern recording.


It’s a dark and enigmatic mood in the Nashville room where you can soak up the sophisticated nightclub ambience.

Chase HE6A0158editt.jpg


Fans of natural light will love this bright and airy production suite with attached isolation booth nicknamed ‘Sweden.’

Chase HE6A0171edit.jpg
Buddha HE6A0077edit.jpg

The Buddha Room

Indulge your spiritual side in the Buddha room amongst vibrant fabrics and fragrances of incense.

Secret HE6A0094edit.jpg


Lose yourself in the Secret room adjacent to Studio A Live Room. The Secret Room is ideal for overdubs, editing, and writing sessions.

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The Sapphire Room

Unleash your darkest urban desires in the Sapphire room.
A great mid sized production suite with dedicated vocal booth.

Kauai HE6A0088edit.jpg

The KAUAI Room

Relax and go with the island feel of sand and seagrass in Kauai. Inspired by studio manager Mikal’s work with Colbie Caillat.

Kauai HE6A0088edit.jpg

The Psychedelic Room

Free your mind in the Psychedelic Room, complete with retro wallpaper, groovy lava lamps and an unprecedented collection of Beatles lunch boxes.